The Second Season Of Fuller House Released On Netflix On January 7, 2017.

Episodes Edit

Ep No. Episode Name Plot Release Date
1. "At Long Last Leaf" Jackson Has To Rake The Leaves, Meanwhile D.J. Has A Dream In Which Matt Marries Steve. January 7, 2017
2. "The Shopping Spree" Ramona Goes To The Mall With Her Friends And Goes On A Shopping Spree, Meanwhile Jackson And Max Are Locked In Basement. January 7, 2017
3. "Food Fight" The Kids Invite Their Friends To A Party At The Tanner House Hold Which Eventually Turns Into A Food Fight And Have To Clean Up The Mess Before D.J., Kimmy And Stephanie Come Back Home From The Spa. January 7, 2017
4. "Bribes" Jackson Sneaks To Home From School And Is Eventually Caught By Kimmy. Jackson Pays Kimmy $11 To Not Tell D.J., Meanwhile Max's Friends Are Against Him Because He Broke One Of His Friend's Rare Action Figures.

Guest Stars: Bob Saget

January 7, 2017
5. "Family Night" D.J. Wants To Have A Family Night, However Jackson And Ramona Sneak Into School To Retrieve An Embarrassing Love-Note From Jackson To Lola. Kimmy Has To Plan A Party And Stephanie Has To Go To A Club To DJ. January 7, 2017
6. "Michelle's Daughter" When Someone Rings To The Door Bell Everything Changes For The Fuller Family. It Is Michelle's Daughter! January 7, 2017
7. "Flu Snooze" Kimmy Comes Down With A Flu Which Unfortunately Effects D.J. And Stephanie. Jackson And Ramona Have To Step Up As The Head Of The Household.

Guest Stars: John Stamos, Scott Wienger

January 7, 2017
8. "Kimmy-licous" It Is Kimmy's 40th Birthday, So D.J. And Stephanie Plan A Party. January 7, 2017
9. "Freakout" Tomorrow Is Max's First Day Of 3rd Grade And He Is Cracking Under The Pressure, Meanwhile D.J. Goes On A Date With Matt And Runs Into Steve Who's Ex-Wife Is Pregnant. January 7, 2017
10. "The Road Trip" The Family Goes On A Road Trip And Get Stranded In The Middle Of Nowhere And They Call Danny To Pick Them Up.

Guest Stars: Bob Saget, Dave Coulier

January 7, 2017