Twins Are 5! Part 2
Season 1, Episode 6
Air date November 12, 1996
Written by User:PoofFan93
Directed by Jeff Franklin
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TBA, Circa 1996


Since all of the vehicles are broke down, and the Phone Lines are cut, Becky is forced to give birth to the baby in the bathroom.


The episode begins with where we last left, Becky was being carried by Jesse and Danny upstairs to the bathroom to have the baby, And Joey, D.J., Kimmy, and Stephanie were trying to help create a birthday party for Michelle, Nicky, and Alex.

The camera pans towards Becky in the bathtub, in labor. Danny got towels and blankets ready for the baby, and Jesse began couching Becky through her lamaze.

Nicky and Alex are excited about their baby sister and try to pick names. Meanwhile, Becky is in an extreme pain and is grabbing Jesse's hand. She breaths. Meanwhile, Michelle is with Nicky and Alex, waiting for the baby. Becky is still panting and is still giving birth. Becky screams off screen.

Everyone hears Becky's moaning. Becky is still in labor. Everyone's waiting. D.J is blowing the balloons, but when she blows the last one, POP! It pops!

Some people are asleep because of the waiting. Kimmy, Joey and Stephanie help with the cake, as D.J is cleaning up the room to make it look neat.

Becky grunts. Soon, the baby is out. WAAAAA! The baby cries, It's a girl. Jesse says she's so beautiful. Soon everyone comes in quietly. Jesse and Becky are happy about their new baby, and they decide to name her Stella.

Meanwhile, Michelle, Nicky and Alex are in D.J.'s room to put up a new family picture. Then they go downstairs. "Hello?" Michelle says. "Where is everybody?" Nicky says. "SURPRISE!!!!!!" The rest of the family says. The party is started!

Everyone sings Happy Birthday to Michelle, Nicky, Alex and Stella. 

In the end credits Nicky and Alex want to know where the babies come from. As she tells them how it happens, they Say "Okay." But when she tells how they are born, they scream and run away. The end.

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